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The Breda Model 30 or M30 is an air-cooled, light machine gun that was used by the Royal Italian Army during World War II.


It was introduced in the year 1930 and it takes the 6.5x52mm cartridge. The rate of fire was about 500 rounds per minute and it had a maximum range of 3,000 meters.[1]

A 20 round box magazine fed into the side of the gun and the barrel had to be changed after several hundred rounds had been fired. The weight of the Breda M30 was 10.6 kg and the length was 123 cm. A bipod could be attached to the M30 and even a monopod could be added.[2] The M30 also had a wooden stock right behind the pistol grip. However, the M30 had no sling or carry handle, making it difficult to carry.[3]


The Breda M30 had a less than desirable reputation on the front lines due to the slow rate of fire, jamming, and a contamination prone oiling system. In addition, the ammunition tended to explode in the chamber when the barrel became hot, and the sights were on the frame instead of the barrel, which tended to become inaccurate due to sand wearing down the support bearings.[3] Despite these problems and a bad reputation, the Breda M30 became one of the most common infantry weapons of Italy.

It also became the deadliest of all Italian weapons because many other Italian weapons such as submachine guns and machine guns were rare. The Breda M30's only counterpart that was produced in fairly high production was the Carcano M91 Rifle.


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