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A map of Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is a country in southeast Europe. During World War II, it first sided with the Axis, before switching sides and siding with the Allies later in the war.

Military History

At first, Bulgaria was actually a neutral country that trying to recover its territory. However, after the Italian invasion of Greece having failed, Germany asked Bulgaria to join the Axis, so that it can get a clear entry into Greece. Bulgaria did not really participate in the war, however, it did occupy parts of Yugoslavia and Greece. The Bulgarian Navy was involved in a number of skirmishes against the Soviet Black Sea Navy. The Bulgarian Army was mainly involved in wiping out anti-German resistance groups. Germany had to force Bulgaria to declare war on the United Kingdom and the United States, however Bulgaria was bombed, because of that. Bulgaria did maintain diplomatic relationships with the Soviet Union, despite being in the Axis. However, the Soviet Army was moving towards the Balkans and Bulgaria, and when Romania left the Axis to declare war on Germany, the Soviet Army marched in Bulgaria and took over key port cities. Then Bulgaria switched sides and declared war on Germany. The Bulgarian Army was tasked with the strategic task to block and German forces that were withdrawing from Greece. The Bulgarian Army then continued to Hungary to drive off any German forces and continued into Austria. By the end of the war, the Soviet Union invaded Bulgaria and threw off its monarchy.

Weapons used by Bulgaria

Infantry Weapons

  • Karabiner 98k
  • MP 34
  • MP 40
  • Panzerschreck