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The Imperial State of Iran (1925-1979) was a country in the Middle East controlled by Reza Shah Pahlavi and Mohammed Reza Shah Pahvali from 1925 to 1979 when the country collapsed and became the Islamic Republic of Iran. Iran's participation in World War II was limited after being invaded by the British and the Soviet Union. When the country was invaded Reza Shah Pahlavi was forced to leave the throne and Mohammed Reza Shah Pahvali was allowed to claim the throne.  

Iran in World War II

Iran was invaded by the forces of Great Britain and the Soviet Union on 25 August 1941, after the Iranian government refused to comply with an Anglo-Soviet demand to expel German agents from the country. This led to the abdication of the Shah, in favor of his son, and the occupation of Teheran by British and Russian troops on 17 September.Roberts, Andrew. The Storm of War - A new history of the Second World War. Penguin Books. ISBN 978 0 141 02928 3. (2010). Page 131.

After the Invasion

After the invasion Mohammed Reza Pahvli joined the Allies. In 1942, a Soviet political group called the “agitprops” helped the Tudeh Party seize power. In this year Britain and the USSR agreed to end occupation at the end of the war. The USSR fomented rebellions amongst the Kurdish and Azerbaijani peoples, who formed The People’s republic of Azerbaijan and The Kurdish People’s Republic.

Geographical and Economic Importance

Iran was of great geographical importance to the Allied powers.World War II by country Wikipedia It was a “blue water”Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran Wikipedia supply route to the USSR because of the port of Bandar Abbas. It also provided a large amount of oil to the Allies.


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