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A Krummlauf device.

The Krummlauf, or Krummer Lauf Device, was an experimental German rifle attachment designed for usage with the StG 44 assault rifle.


It was a barrel extension that was bent at a certain angle. The idea behind the Krummlauf was that it would be fixed onto the end of the rifle's barrel, thus allowing the firer to shoot around a corner and avoid exposing their body to the enemy.[1] It was mainly designed for use with tank crews, since it was difficult for them to shoot at nearby infantry without exposing themselves. However, the Krummlauf device was not effective and, when it did work, accuracy was incredibly poor. The Krummlauf device was unsuccessful and languished as a design and as a concept. Today, Krummlaufs are really only found in museums, but it did serve as inspiration for the modern-day Cornershot system, a similar Israeli design.[2] The Russians developed a similar curved barrel for the PPSh-41, also for tank crews.


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