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This article acts as a directory for all articles about IJAAF units that found in World War II. Note that many units were later reorganized into new fighting forces so some links may lead to the same article. Note that IJAAF units are different from their naval counterparts, though some naval air groups were assigned to land based operations.

Fighter Regiments Japanese Fighter Regiments

  • 1st Sentai
  • 4th Sentai
  • 5th Sentai
  • 9th Sentai
  • 11th Sentai
  • 13th Sentai
  • 17th Sentai
  • 18th Sentai
  • 19th Sentai
  • 20th Sentai
  • 21st Sentai
  • 22nd Sentai
  • 23rd Sentai
  • 24th Sentai
  • 25th Sentai
  • 26th Sentai
  • 28th Sentai
  • 29th Sentai
  • 31st Sentai
  • 33rd Sentai
  • 47th Sentai
  • 48th Sentai
  • 50th Sentai
  • 51st Sentai
  • 52nd Sentai
  • 53rd Sentai
  • 54th Sentai
  • 55th Sentai
  • 59th Sentai
  • 63rd Sentai
  • 64th Sentai
  • 68th Sentai
  • 72nd Sentai
  • 73rd Sentai
  • 77th Sentai
  • 78th Sentai
  • 85th Sentai
  • 87th Sentai
  • 101st Sentai
  • 102nd Sentai
  • 103rd Sentai
  • 104th Sentai
  • 105th Sentai
  • 111th Sentai
  • 200th Sentai
  • 204th Sentai
  • 244th Sentai
  • 246th Sentai
  • 248th Sentai

Bomber Regiments Japanese Bomber Regiments

  • 60th Sentai
  • 61st Sentai
  • 98th Sentai