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This article acts as a directory for all articles about Imperial Japanese Army units that served during in World War II. Note that many units were later reorganized into new fighting forces so some links may lead to the same article.

Guards Divisions[]

  • Konoe Imperial Guards Shidan
  • 1st Guards Shidan
  • 2nd Guards Shidan
  • 3rd Guards Shidan

Infantry Divisions Japanese Infantry Divisions

  • 1st Shidan "Gyoku"
  • 2nd Shidan "Isamu"
  • 3rd Shidan "Kō"
  • 4th Shidan "Yodo"
  • 5th Shidan "Koihei"
  • 6th Shidan "Akari"
  • 7th Shidan "Kuma"
  • 8th Shidan "Sugi"
  • 9th Shidan "Take"
  • 10th Shidan "Tetsu"
  • 11th Shidan "Nishiki"
  • 12th Shidan "Ken"
  • 13th Shidan "Kyō"
  • 14th Shidan "Shō"
  • 15th Shidan "Sai"
  • 16th Shidan "Kaki"
  • 17th Shidan "Getsu"
  • 18th Shidan "Kiku"
  • 19th Shidan "Tora"
  • 20th Shidan "Asa"
  • 21st Shidan "Tou"
  • 22nd Shidan "Hara"
  • 23rd Shidan "Kyokuhei"
  • 24th Shidan "Yamahei"
  • 25th Shidan "Kunihei"
  • 26th Shidan "Izumi"
  • 27th Shidan "Goku"
  • 28th Shidan "Toyo"
  • 29th Shidan "Ikazuchi"
  • 30th Shidan "Hyō"
  • 31st Shidan "Retsu"
  • 32nd Shidan "Kaede"
  • 33rd Shidan "Yumi"
  • 34th Shidan "Tsubaki"
  • 35th Shidan "Azuma"
  • 36th Shidan "Yuki"
  • 37th Shidan "Fuyu"
  • 38th Shidan "Numa"
  • 39th Shidan "Fuji"
  • 40th Shidan "Kujira"
  • 41st Shidan "Kawa"
  • 42nd Shidan "Isao"
  • 43rd Shidan "Homare"
  • 44th Shidan "Tachibana"
  • 46th Shidan "Sei"
  • 47th Shidan "Dan"
  • 48th Shidan "Umi"
  • 49th Shidan "Ookami"
  • 50th Shidan "Yomogi "
  • 51st Shidan "Moto"
  • 351st Shidan "Akagi"
  • 354th Shidan "Bukō"
  • 355th Shidan "Nachi"

Armored Divisions Japanese Armored Divisions

  • 1. Sensha Shidan
  • 2. Sensha Shidan
  • 3. Sensha Shidan
  • 4. Sensha Shidan