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The Walther PP was a pistol produced and used by Germany during World War II.


The PP was chambered for 7.65mm (.32 ACP) cartridges, although certain models were chambered for .380 ACP ammunition, and it had a magazine capacity of 8 rounds. The PP also had a total weight of 682 grams and an overall length 173mm.[1]The Walther PP was reliable but had some issues with field stripping/cleaning because of the complicated nature of its inner parts which were a maze of little pins and other parts that could easily be lost during cleaning. The Walther PP saw service with various sections of the German military during the war and now has a prolific status.


Another model was produced in the 1930s, and it was even smaller than the Walther PP. The Walther PPK ("K" standing for "Kurz", the German word for "short") was 14mm shorter than the PP, and, like the PP, it saw service with officers and pilots during the war. Furthermore, the PPK had its total magazine capacity reduced to seven rounds and was not as heavy as its counterpart. It is thought that Adolf Hitler himself carried a PPK. [2]


The Walther PP was first issued to the German police, as it fitted their criteria for a good police weapon; compact, relatively powerful and reliable. However, because it performed so well, the German Army considered adopting it and it was issued to Panzer crews, Luftwaffe pilots and Wehrmacht officers. It was easily concealable. Because it was so popular with both sides during the war, and was known for it's admirable performance, production of the Walther PP continued after the war. [3]


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