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World War II Wiki
World War II Wiki

About Us

Knocked out Panzer IV

This wiki is dedicated to making all of its information reliable and trustworthy. We want to become the best source of WWII information anywhere. That is why we want you to help us and make this a great wiki. We want to encourage all editors to add rich content and also to help out in community projects, etc.

We started in mid-2010 and have been growing larger ever since. As of now, our head administrator or bureaucrat is Fargo84 with MadMarek as our second administrator, and Corkeyandpals our Content Moderator. We encourage anyone and everyone to join us and appreatiate any bit of help we can get including but not limited to quotes, citations from historical books, original documents (in pdf format), reliable documentaries, and verifiable research. 


The rules on the World War II Wiki are meant to keep users in line, have organization, and have correct page editing. A full list of policies can be found here, but the basics stay the same. No harassing other users, no vandalism is tolerated, and try to maintain some level of quality.

Extra Features and Jobs

A full list of jobs available on the wiki can be found here.


We all hope that people will experience the joy of creating written works. Don't be afraid to ask an administrator for help, because they will not be afraid give it to you. It does not matter if it is even the simplest question, our administrators will be ready to answer it! To help us make this a better wiki we will host contests or challenges throughout the year with various awards waiting at the end. They help us accomplish our goals in a faster and more interesting manner. Our main goals right now are as follows:

  • Increasing our total article count to 2,000
  • Encouraging our readers to become editors
  • Maintaining a high level of quality in our writing