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World War II Wiki

The wiki throughout its history has always aimed for a certain level of quality through its articles. To demonstrate what level of quality an article has, the wiki uses several icons to represent what quality an article has or what it needs. These levels of quality/needs can be found below.


Stub Icon.png
= This article is a stub. You can help the World War II Wiki by expanding it.


Expand Icon.png
= This article is relatively complete but is missing some information. You can help the World War II Wiki by expanding it.


Infobox Icon.png
= This article is in need of an infobox. You can help the World War II Wiki by being sure to add one as soon as possible.


Cleanup Icon.png
= This article has many format issues and needs to be cleaned up.


Redlinks Icon.png
= This article may be complete, but it has a large amount of redlinks in it that could make it annoying for viewers to navigate the wiki.


Cite Icon.png
= This article does not properly cite its sources. The citations in this article are either lacking in information for verifiability of claims or attribution of quotes, or are not provided in proper format.


POV Icon.png
= This article contains text that does not show a neutral point of view. It may contain bias or even incorrect information.


Merge Icon.png
= This article is scheduled to be merged. It has similar content to another article and does not feature anything significantly different.


Navbox Icon.png
= This article is in need of a navbox



Rating 1 Icon.png
= This article has a rating of 1. It has low quality writing and should be cleaned up.


Rating 2 Icon.png
= This article has a rating of 2. It has decent writing, though could be improved.


Rating 3 Icon.png
= This article has a rating of 3. It has a good writing style and is pleasant to read.


Rating 4 Icon.png
= This article has a rating of 4. It is superbly written and fully demonstrates wiki standards.

Source:{{Quality|4}} Remember that these icons do not necessarily make an article bad, they just mean that it requires improvement. To find out exactly what each icon means when looking at an article, just hover your mouse over the icon. Also remember that multiple icons can be grouped into the same template like this: