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Pearl Harbor Attack Plan

Facts need to be supported with evidence!

As a history encyclopedia, all citations that are made should be done in the Chicago citation style. Facts in an article must be cited from the source that they came from. While it is not necessary to cite the same source multiple times, this can also be done. In addition, any controversial or disputed subjects or facts must be heavily cited, by multiple sources if possible, depending on the level of dispute within the historical community.

Citations are essential to the World War II Wiki as a historical encyclopedia because they demonstrate our reliability and allow for verification of information. Failure to adequately cite sources will result in the content being disreputable, and if left uncited, put up for deletion or heavy revision.

Citing in articles[]

To cite your information, you must include a footnote at the site of any fact that needs to be cited and remember to use citations especially when controversial topics are involved. Typically, a good book citation would look similar to this layout.

Author(s). Book Title. Publisher/Publishing Information. (Date Published), Page Number

While websites don't require special formatting for a citation, only a weblink, some of the basic rules still apply should one choose to cite with the Chicago Style. 

Online citation references[]

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