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World War II Wiki

The Council of the Wiki is the main governing body of the World War II Wiki. We are democratic, and we all come to a collective agreement on ideas and policies; no member has any more power than any other member. We are also not necessarily the supreme authority on all matters, and experienced users still have their say in running the wiki. In fact, experienced users may even be invited to join the council.

Council members and positions



Serves as head of the wiki. Officially communicates with other historical communities and manages all official affairs.


Vice President

Manages community affairs and oversees content updates. Serves as temporary MP.

Military Police[]

The military police is made up of the following organizations, and is currently unstaffed. The role of the Military Police is to provide order and act as forum, chat, and content moderators. They have the power to remove vandalism and punish those who add it.

Wiki judicial system[]

Judicial department leader: Default, none currently (head of MP)

World War II Wiki: Courtroom


  • (none appointed)
  • (none appointed)