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World War II Wiki
World War II Wiki

This is where users can find historical documents on a wide array of topics

Welcome to the Documents section of the wiki! Here you can view and download various wartime documents from munitions to political documents, they are all listed here. All users are welcome to scan/upload any wartime documents they may have just as long as they are in PDF format.


US Navy Post-War Damage Report

PaK 40 (75mm) Specifications, dated 1942

K. 17 Field Gun (10cm) Specifications, dated 1941

Focke Wulf Fw 190 British Aircraft Identification Manual, dated 1944

Royal Army Guide to Mines and Traps Pt. 1 and Pt. 2, dated 1943 and 1944

PIAT Infantry Training Manual, dated 1943

Operation Dragoon After Action Report, dated 1944

7th Armored Division After Action Report, dated 1945

German Declaration of War against the United States, dated 1941

Soviet Manual on RPG-6/RPG-43 Grenades, dated 1944

Tripartite Pact, dated 1940

Italian Armistice Agreement, dated 1943