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On the wiki, Navboxes are required to be placed on the bottom of all articles to allow readers to quickly go through related articles and to help prevent large amounts of articles becoming 'dead-ends', pages with no links. However, creating navboxes without any kind of order can make these links confusing for readers. Therefore, it is recommended that users refer to this guidelines first before proceeding. 

Single Level Navboxes[]

Single Level Navboxes are acceptable for groups of articles that are the same, such as the navbox, Theaters. However, articles that are distinctly different, such as different types of aircraft should be put in multi level navboxes and even separate navboxes entirely. 

Creating Navboxes[]

Typically, when creating a navbox, it is best to look at the other existing navboxes that would be similar to it. For example, if creating a navbox about Italian tanks, look at the other navboxes about German or British tanks, see how they are structured and copy them. This way, all navboxes follow the same structure and remain easy to use. Remember to always use common sense when creating navbox. Below are some example of navbox order. A dash indicates an individual navbox:


Fighters - Bombers - Transport - Recon


Tracked Armored Vehicles - Half-Tracks - Armored Cars/Trucks

Others such as Artillery or Infantry Weapons are grouped into one navbox

Grouping Navboxes[]

If multiple navboxes apply to the same page, such as to Lend-Lease equipment, then the use of the template Navboxes is required. To use it, type the following:

{{Navboxes |state = expanded |list1 = Insert multiple navboxes here }}

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