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World War II Wiki
World War II Wiki

The wiki is divided into several sections that each serve different purposes.

Wiki Sections

Use this page as a battle map of all the sections of the wiki

I. Content section

  • The Content section covers all articles on the wiki.

II. Conduct section

  • The Conduct section includes the wiki military police and the courtroom. It also includes ANI.

III. Job section

  • The Job section of the wiki includes all hubs for groups of users to carry out certain tasks for maintaining the wiki. These include writing for the wiki Newsletter or being part of the wiki Seabees.

IV. Council section

  • The council section consists of the Wiki council and their work. The council section also includes all policies. Link:

V. Community section

  • The Community section is where users vote what theme they want or what new contest they wish to organize Link:

VI. Video and Image Archive Section

  • The Image archive is a special category reserved for all authentic images from the conflict on the wiki and the video archive is where all WWII-related videos on the wiki are located. In sub-categories are small image archives of each notably vehicle, battle, etc. These photos are only from WWII and cannot all fit on the same article. Link:

VII. Forum Section

  • The forums make up the section of the wiki where one can get help from the community or just ask and start conversations about World War II. Link:

VIII. Document Section

  • The document section is where one can view wartime documents that were submitted by others. All documents are in PDF format and are free to download. Link:

IX. Veteran Remembrance Section

  • The Veteran Remembrance Section is dedicated to honoring those who fought during the war. All are welcome to list a veteran they know. Link: