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Welcome to the Veteran's Remembrance section of the wiki where users can write the names of veterans they know or would like to honor.

Honor List[]

Please write your veteran's name on a bullet point and mention their role, rank if possible, and the country they fought for. Units, where they served, and any medals they were awarded is optional.

  • Sergeant Joseph Frank Stula - US Army Medic - Served in the Pacific - Purple Heart
  • Major Theodore Van Kirk - US Army Air Force - Served as Navigator on the Enola Gay - Silver Star
  • Private Mansur Abdulin - Red Army - Served on the Eastern Front - Order of the Red Star
  • Luigi Gorrini - Regia Aeronautica Pilot - Served in North Africa
  • Sergeant Cecil Manning - Long Range Desert Group - Served in North Africa - Operated with European partisans after being captured and escaping in Italy
  • Captain Roger Pettiward - British Army - Commandos - Served in France in 1943 - KIA at Dieppe - Nominated for, but did not receive Victoria Cross.
  • Jack Stanger - Merchant Navy - Served in Atlantic and Indian Oceans - 1939-45 War Medal, Atlantic Star, Indian Ocean Star- Promoted to Captain after the war.
  • Bob Winstanley - British Army - Royal engineers(?) - Demolitions expert - fought at D-day

War Graves[]

A war grave is a burial place for members of the armed forces or civilians who died during military campaigns or operations. Hier some places all over the world: